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Discovery case of alternative and delicious grape varieties from around the world

Giovinotto Grillo – Sicily (white) – Grillo is a unique variety from northern Sicily. Rounded and full of melon and grape notes with a citrus backbone. Delicious as an aperitif or with a light lunch.

Snapper Rock Marlborough Pinot Gris – New Zealand (white) – Pinot Gris is the same grape variety as Pinot Grigio, except the grape skins are allowed to macerate for a time along with the juice and this brings the natural yeasts from the skins into the wine. The result is a fuller example of a Pinot Grigio which balances fresh citrus and creamy mouthfeel. A textured and delicious wine. Great with seafood.

Picpoul de Pinet Saint Peyre – France (white) – A unique variety from the Languedoc region of southern France. Intensely fresh and fragrant, with notes of cut grass and vibrant citrus. The ultimate summer wine and a perfect partner to salads and light seafood dishes.

Mirabello Pinot Grigio Rose – Provincia di Pavia, Italy (rose) – Did you know that Pinot Grigio means ‘Pinot Grey’? This signifies the colour of the grape skin, which is actually a pink/grey colour. To make rose you can either use the skins of a red grape to colour and flavour the grape juice. Or you can add red wine to white wine to give colour and flavour. In the case of Pinot Grigio rose there is an addition of Pinot Noir ‘Pinot Black’. A light skinned red grape that adds an attractive coral pink colour to this light and fragrant rose.

Growers Touch Durif – Riverina, Australia (red) – Durif is also commonly known as ‘Petit Syrah’ or ‘Little Shiraz’. This is because the taste profile is similar to Shiraz but due to the small berries the wine is typically more intense in flavour and colour. (Did you know that the colour of a red wine is determined by the intensity of colour in the skins as well as the ration of berry to the liquid in the grape?). This wine is dark and brooding with a full flavoured palate of dark berries, mocha and peppery spice. Think of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. This is a big guy !]

Giovinotto Nero d’Avola – Sicily (red) – Nero d’Avola is “the most important red wine grape in Sicily” and is one of Italy’s most important indigenous varieties. It is named after Avola in the far south of Sicily, and its wines are compared to New World Shiraz, with sweet tannins and plum or peppery flavours. This example is a lighter more youthful style which matches light meat dishes and BBQ meats very well.