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Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur 50cl


Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is made using Australian grain spirit and beans from three sources – Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia and Brazil. It’s cold infused, cold pressed and unfiltered, resulting in an intense flavour profile.

Two Australians, one love for black, bitter beverages. We introduce the makers of Mr Black, est 2012, Tom Baker and Philip Moore. Their goal? To make the best coffee liqueur in the world.

To this day, each bottle of Mr Black is made by Tom and Philip’s own hands at their distillery (and a lady called Mandy sticks the labels on for them). They liken the crafting process to blending a whisky, choosing different coffee beans and roasting profiles to develop the liqueurs’ distinctive flavours

An inky black in colour, and with strong aromas of fresh espresso, Mr. Black is bitter yet beautifully balanced with flavours of chocolate and caramels with a fine, citrus edge. Toffee and marmalade are present on the finish, though, as you’d expect, coffee dominates from beginning to end.

Origin: Australia

Bottle: 50cl

ABV: 23%



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Makes the best Espresso Martini on the planet !